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CMAS Freediving Depth European Cup KALAMATA 2020

From September 12 to 16th, 2020, FCG organized the CMAS Depth Championship in Kalamata.

Despite the worldwide Covid restrictions and after many cancelled events, 20 Athletes from 4 different countries came to Kalamata, competing in the four different disciplines CWT, CWTB,FIM and CNF.

The conditions were perfect and the organisers, as well as CMAS Greece, invested a lot of effort, which resulted in a very nice competition. All athletes felt relaxed and comfortable to achieve their goals.

The competition resulted in 4 new Freediving World Records, with Slovenian freediver Alenka Artnik setting a 94m World Record in CWTB, and French freediver Arnaud Jerald setting a 112m World Record in CWTB.

In addition, the Greek National Team set multiple new National records, one including Christos Karelos diving to 114m in CWT.

For the first time, a new Master category for athletes 50+ years old was introduced, which resulted in two additional World Records, with Mark Lenoir, France, diving to 57m in FIM and Xavier Daru, France, diving to 60m in CWTBifins masters categories.

FCG congratulates all participants for their success and we wish all athletes worldwide to stay strong and to continue training!

Hoping, that next year we will have even greater fun!

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