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AIDA Monofin Course

The most advanced propulsion device used in freediving – learning how to use a monofin efficiently will allow you to reach a whole new level!!!

The monofin course will give you’re the tools to select the best monofin for your style of freediving, learn about its care and maintenance, exercises for improving your techniques both in the pool and on your dry training & depth diving with a monofin.

To enroll in the AIDA Monofin you do not need any previous Freediving experience but it is recommended to attend this course after you have gained a level of comfort in the water swimming with bifins.

  • Course duration: 1 day

  • Theory Sessions: 1

  • Pool / Confined Water Sessions: 1

  • Open Water Sessions: 1

All our courses and events have a maximum number of participant spots available. This is so we can ensure the best learning experience and enjoyment for you – please contact us to book your place in all listed activities at least a month prior to the start date to secure your place.

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