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Triple-Success for FCG members at the French Depth Championships 2021!

Last week our 3 French competitors returned happily from the French Depth Championships in Villefranche, France. Even though sea conditions were not in favour of everyone, their success during the competition was immense, with an overall of 4 Gold Medals won and 3 podium spots occupied.

Xavier Daru performed a clean 66m dive in CWT-B and with this, won the Bronze Medal in his category. It was important for him to show the progress he achieved from the year 2019, where he started to train Bifins in +50m depth in Kalamata.

Sauveur Lococo finished the championships with 2 successful dives to 60 and 65m in FIM, and plans to come back to Kalamata in August, intending to prepare for the World Championships 2021 in Kas. Turkey.

Last but not least, our youngest freedive champion Marianna Gillespie showed off at the comp with two first places on the podium in the women's disciplines CWT-M (91m) and CWT-B (80m). Her main goal for this year is to win more podim spots and become the deepest French Women in finning disciplines.

FCG is very proud of having contributed to the training and preparation of our 3 athletes, and is looking forward to hearing and reading more from their success stories in the future!

Allez les Bleux!

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