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AIDA 3*/ Level 2

Advance Freediver

Have you completed your 2nd level freediving course or are an experienced freediving athlete and want to improve your freediving skills, comfort and enjoyment?

The AIDA 3*/ Level 2 advanced freediver course is for you. Our Advanced Freediving course aimed at AIDA 2*/ Level 1 graduates (or equivalent) who want to expand their theoretical and practical knowledge.

The aim of this course is to teach advanced training techniques, the latest in equalization techniques, breathing and visualization for relaxation, advanced physiology and specialized apnea training to improve one’s Freediving abilities.

To enroll in the AIDA 3*/Level 2 course you need to have completed an AIDA 2*/ Level 1 or equivalent course – you can also enroll in the AIDA 3*/ Level 2 if you are a freediver with ratified performances in AIDA pool and depth competitions. The AIDA 3*/ Level 2 courses run by Freediving Club Greece normally last 3 days.

FREEDIVING CLUB Special - During the 3* courses the vital capacity (lung volume) of the students is measured using a spirometer.

  • Course duration: 3 days

  • Theory Sessions: 2-3

  • Open Water Sessions: 4

  • Pool / Confined Water Sessions: 1-2

All our courses and events have a maximum number of participant spots available. This is so we can ensure the best learning experience and enjoyment for you – please contact us to book your place in all listed activities at least a month prior to the start date to secure your place.

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