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FCG creates new instructors!

FCG's freediving season 2021 starts with good news!

From the beginning of June, three motivated candidates have started their Instructor Course together with Stavros Kastrinakis. Nikos, 32, is a passionate spearfisher from Crete, who wants to understand better how the work in a dive shop is organized also behind the scenes. Uliana, 35, from Estonia, hoping to become the first instructor of her country, helping people to dive safer and in a more enjoyable way. And Silvia, 31, a motivated diver from Bulgaria, who wants to transfer her love for the ocean to others and give them the possibility to enjoy being in water in a different way.

During 10 days candidates learn how to teach freediving to beginners, as well as how to coach and supervise already advanced divers in the water. In addition, participants acquire knowledge in how to create and structure courses, but also gain insight into the sales and business side of freediving. In parallel, all of them will need to demonstrate their own diving skills in the water, by performing certain requirements.

Do you already have experience in freediving and are you thinking about making your hobby a profession? For further questions, don't hesitate to contact us at FCG Kalamata!

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