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AIDA 1* / Intro

Introduction to Freediving

Join our Freediving Introductory Course and experience the wonderful sensation of being underwater on a single breath.

Learn breathing and relaxation techniques from our experienced Freediving Instructors and venture with them to amazing open water dive sites and discover a whole new World under the sea surface!!!

To enroll in the AIDA 1*/ Intro course you do not need any previous Freediving experience.

  • Course duration: 1 day (2 half days possible)

  • Theory Sessions: 1

  • Open Water Sessions: 1

  • Pool / Confined Water Sessions: -

All our courses and events have a maximum number of participant spots available. This is so we can ensure the best learning experience and enjoyment for you – please contact us to book your place in all listed activities at least a month prior to the start date to secure your place.

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