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FCG Instructor Development Program

Last Dive of the day our own Champignion

Freediving Club Greece is the largest AIDA Instructor Development Center in the Mediterranean Basin with more than 15 years experience training Instructors who are now enjoying their dream of teaching freediving in every Ocean of the World. 

Join our Instructor Development Program and let your freediving passion develop to the highest professional level. You will be taught all courses from AIDA 2* up to AIDA Instructor Course over 6 weeks with daily depth training, pool, yoga and theory sessions coached by our team of expert Freediving Instructors and Instructor Trainers.

Starting Dates for 2024 season:

  • May 5th

  • June 9th

  • August 31st

  • October 1st

We offer only 4 spots per IDP to ensure you enjoy your course in a small group with a lot of 1-on-1 time with our instructors.

AIDA IDP 2024 Fee - €2100
Includes: All course levels AIDA 2*,3*,4* & IC, Coached depth and Pool sessions for 6 calendar weeks from the IDP start day, all course material.
Extras: First AID course (€150), Full Freediving Equipment R
ental for 6weeks (€250)

The Instructor Development Course takes the candidate through all levels of AIDA Education from AIDA 1* Intro up to Instructor Course however please consider the following:

In order to become a freediving Instructor you need to have great level of comfort in the Sea (open water)
Even though formal freediving education is not a requirement to sight up to the IDP it is strongly recommended that you are comfortable with freediving (performance levels of CWT:25m STA:4:00min DYN:75m prior to the IDP are
Signing up for an IDP does not guarantee the successful completion of the course and becoming an AIDA Instructor - this is up to You! There are performance and knowledge requirement that need to be fulfilled :)


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