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Keeping our fingers crossed for Marianna during the French Depth Championships!

Exciting days lie ahead for Marianna Gillespie, our long-term training companion here at FCG.

The Russian-French freediving World Champion is preparing intensely for the French Depth Championships, taking place from June 25th-26th 2021 in Villefranche-sur-Mer, France. Since many weeks Marianna is joining our depth diving sessions, but also maintaining an intense Dry & Strength training routine. The FCG members are joining her routines to enhance their strength levels, but not everyone survives till the end of the session .

In France Marianna will compete in 2 different freediving disciplines, CWT and CWTB, intending to qualify to the French National Team and to participate in CMAS Freediving World Championships this year in Kas, Turkey.

We wish you luck, Marianna, and all the best results!!!

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