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AIDA 4*/ Level 3

Master Freediving

Are you an experienced freediver? Has your progress come to a halt? Are you facing problems in your depth diving?

The AIDA 4*/ Level 3 Master Freediving Course is your next step… The highest level freediving course offered by Freediving Club & AIDA International, aimed at experienced freedivers who have graduated from 3* courses. AIDA Master Instructors and Instructor Trainers will teach you the latest knowledge on subjects like advanced breathing methods, deep Freediving physiology, stretching, lung packing & reverse packing, decompression sickness in Freediving and equipment for deep freediving.

The AIDA 4*/ Level 3 courses of Freediving Club Greece normally last 4-5 days.

FREEDIVING CLUB Special - During the course students have a chance to use all the technical equipment designed and used by Stavros Kastrinakis on his sled record attempts and the freediving events he organizes. Students will get to use Variable Ballast sleds to train deep equalization and on most courses we get to organize tandem No-Limits dives to allow the students to experience the feelings of the deepest depth discipline.

To enroll in the AIDA 4*/ Level 3 course you need to have completed an AIDA 3*/ Level 2 or equivalent course and have a valid First Aid certificate.

  • Course duration: 4-5 days

  • Theory Sessions: 3-4

  • Open Water Sessions: 4

  • Pool / Confined Water Sessions: 1-2

All our courses and events have a maximum number of participant spots available. This is so we can ensure the best learning experience and enjoyment for you – please contact us to book your place in all listed activities at least a month prior to the start date to secure your place.

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