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AIDA 2*/ Level 1

Open Water Freediver

Do you feel comfortable swimming in the sea and have tried snorkeling or diving while holding your breath?

Do you want to open a whole new dimension in your comfort and experience in the water? If your answer is yes then the AIDA 2*/ Level 1 Open Water Freediver course is for you!!! Spend a couple of days at Freediving Club Greece and let our AIDA Instructors develop your theoretical knowledge and practical skills in pool and sea.

During the course you will master proper breathing techniques, relaxation and mental visualization methods, freediving equipment, optimum fining technique, freediving physiology, safety and relaxation. To enroll in the AIDA 2*/ Level 1 course you need to have some previous Freediving experience.

The AIDA 2*/ Level 1 courses run by Freediving Club Greece last 2-3 days.

FREEDIVING CLUB Special - During the course we perform apnea exercises using pulse oxymeters so the students can monitor their oxygen levels during the breathhold.

  • Course duration: 2-3 days

  • Theory Sessions: 1-2

  • Open Water Sessions: 2

  • Pool / Confined Water Sessions: 1-2

All our courses and events have a maximum number of participant spots available. This is so we can ensure the best learning experience and enjoyment for you – please contact us to book your place in all listed activities at least a month prior to the start date to secure your place.

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