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Freediving Club Greece

Stavros Kastrinakis

AIDA World Record Variable Weight 146M, AIDA Instructor Trainer, CMAS Instructor
AIDA International Judge, EFR Instructor, Lifeguard Instructor, DAN EFR / O2 Certified.

Stavros is the creator of Freediving Club Greece - he is AIDA World Record Holder in Variable Weight as well as several National Records in most depth disciplines.

He has pretty much lived in the sea his entire life – learning to swim as soon as he could walk and learning to spearfish before he was 6 yrs old he developed a close bond to the sea and breath hold diving.

A member of the Greek National Freediving team since 2005 he has participated in practically all the AIDA World Championships ever since as an athlete, safety diver, team coach or organizer.

Stavros is one of the deepest freedivers in the world and the world Record Holder in the AIDA Variable weight discipline with a dive to 146m. Having set more than 12 National Depth Records, including No-Limits dives to 162m depth, Stavros also holds the World Record in Tandem No-Limits diving with Andrea Zuccari with a dive to 126m :)

A full time AIDA Instructor Trainer since 2007 he is currently one of the top AIDA Instructor Trainers in the World having organized and taught hundreds of freediving courses, stages and seminars.

Founder of Freediving Club Greece in 2007 and organizer of the 2011, 2013 and the 2016 AIDA World Championships, he still looks for every opportunity to take a deep plunge in some of the coolest spots around the globe and help guide you on your own amazing freediving adventure… 

Freediving Club Greece ( FCG for short) is the biggest dedicated Freediving Center in the Mediterranean Sea and was founded in 2007 as a Club for Freedivers from all around the World to meet and train in the best freediving conditions in the Mediterranean.

Since its start FCG focused on two aspects of Freediving:

Education - where FCG has become one of the top AIDA Freediving Education centers globally training freedivers of all levels from Beginners to Instructors in the best standards of knowledge, skills and safety in Freediving.

Competitions & The Sport of Freediving - FCG has hosted and organized dozens of high level International freediving competitions culminating to the 2011 AIDA Depth World Championships - the 2013 AIDA Depth World Championships - the 2016 AIDA Team World Championships - the 2020 CMAS European Depth Cup and the 2023 CMAS Depth World Cup.
We have had the pleasure and honor of welcoming and training most of the top Freediving Athletes in the World and we are happy to share the experience gained over more than 20 years of freediving training with You!


Pavel Tomm

Molchanovs Wave 3 instructor trainer, SSI Platinum Level 3 Instructor (more than 500 certifications - all levels), Depth world championship safety diver

Since 2013 Pavel worked as an instructor, coach and manager for Freedive International at their centers Blue immersion in Thailand and Freedive Dahab. Currently is working as a freediving guide in Arctic-freediving in Norway and freedives with Orcas and humpbacks every winter season. During the year he organizes training camps with his school For this year he decided to train depth and join our team for upcoming season.

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Alessandro Delli Paoli

AIDA instructor, AIDA youth instructor, Share equalization instructor

Alessandro has a life-long passion for the ocean and aquatic life, which brought him to become a marine biologist and move to Australia to work on sustainable aquaculture and live by the sea.
Alessandro became a freediving instructor in 2018 so he could share awareness and safety in the water with his friends and whoever wanted to learn freediving. He has moved to the Mediterranean Sea this year and has decided to start training and teaching freediving full time and to join the Freediving Club Greece in Kalamata.


Ronja Larsson

Ronja took her first freediving course in the beginning of 2018 and since then freediving has been her favourite activity in her free time. In the end of 2022, Ronja took time off from work and went to Tenerife to train freediving for 3 months. During her time in Tenerife, she completed SSI level 3 course and developed an interest in introducing people to freediving. Ronja enjoys training for depth and wants to share the joy of freediving with as many people as possible. This season Ronja joined FCG to develop her training & teaching skills and is going to enjoy the Calm Zone to the Max!

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