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FCG becomes musical!

In July 2020 the FCG team and customers were honoured to become part of a unique German Musical production here in Kalamata!

Joerg Widmann, known as a famous opera and musical director of the „Staatstheater Wiesbaden“ in Germany, asked the freedivers to act for an underwater scene of his opera project „Babylon“.

After 2 days and 6 hours full of diving up and down in the ocean, wearing only black suits and evening dresses, and swimming with high heels and a trolley in one hand, the casting was complete.

Despite the hard work and many sinuses and noses filled up with salty seawater, this was an amazing experience for all of us.

Thanks to FCG, Stavros Kastrinakis, the courageous 7 divers, Joerg Widmann, Daniela Kerck and Irmin Kerck Movie Production Company.

In May 2021 the opera finally had its premier, and since then has been seen and praised by various German magazines and newspapers.

Find the actual opera description viewing here:

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